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My life is weddings. I love weddings. I love my life! 

Capturing emotion, drinking coffee, being apart of it and trying not to get emotional...

Imagine a total stranger running around you and your family, with a camera, throughout one of the most important days of your life?! That is what your wedding will include if you hire a camera wielding person.

My passion comes from the fact that after a wedding, I don’t feel like a stranger anymore. The best memories I have are from when I was moved by seeing couples saying their heartfelt vows through a tear-smudged viewfinder. 

It is humbling when couples choose me, to be involved with something so personal and sacred in their lives.

Capturing a wedding, for me, is not about holding a camera to the best light. One has to be trusted to capture memories along with the true essence of people's lives. That takes great skill. My shots are infused with the emotion I see, my niche style and my love for the craft.

I will arrive with some of the best equipment on the market, but I do believe recording beautiful moments is not about the gear. 

It lies with the ones creativity, technical ability, experience and human connection with the couple. 

However, as much as I love being involved in the day, most of the time it is my hope to go undetected.

Capturing candid, authentic material.

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